Thursday, May 17, 2007

What's Next on The Book Squad

On tomorrow's Book Squad, we take a look at urban fiction and examine trends and controversies surrounding the genre.

First up is Teri Woods, author of the Dutch series. She joins us to discuss the urban scene and her move to mainstream publishing (Grand Central Publishing, formerly Warner Books) after doing her own thing successfully for years. She tells us about her latest, True to the Game II, which drops later this year.

Lauren Spicer of SpiceRack Books has joined the realm of reality TV. She lets us know about her latest innovative venture, The Ultimate Author.

Spicing things up further is author Miasha. She introduces us to her latest foray into urban fiction, Mommy's Angel and reveals aspects of her journey as an urban author.

Always Arising: A Deferred Dream author Virla Rolle Barry is in the Author Spotlight.

Join us at for our exploration of the street life, through fiction.

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