Saturday, August 11, 2007

Book Squad Fun

When Steve Santagati had first appeared on The Book Squad, he'd asked why he'd gotten the feeling that the show was being conducted in someone's basement, like Wayne's World or a public access show like that.

Well, as homey as it may feel on the show, we have an actual studio and have had actual guests who've written actual books.

Here some various and sundry Book Squad moments...

  • Wendy and Karyn goofing off in said studio, between commercial breaks. Kudos to our crack hair and makeup team!

  • F.O.T.B.S. (Friend of The Book Squad) Lori Bryant Woolridge, meeting her public at Karibu, Bowie Town Center, Bowie, MD, where she signed her latest, Weapons of Mass Seduction, July 2007.

  • Karyn and F.O.T.B.S. Jason Miccolo Johnson, author of Soul Sanctuary, in studio during the show, July 2007.

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