Thursday, March 15, 2007

What's Next on The Book Squad

On tomorrow's Book Squad, we will be talking about self-publishing as a vehicle for authors to make their dreams come true.

John Harnish, Special Projects Director for Infinity Publishing, shares with us what he's learned in his fifty-year-plus of creating, writing, publishing, and marketing, with a focus on self-publishing and print-on-demand. His latest book, My Book's Published -- Now What? will be released later this month.

Tonya M. Evans-Walls, Esquire shows us how self-publishing has helped to maximize her client outreach efforts. Evans-Walls is a poet and an attorney practicing in areas such as literary law and intellectual property. Among her numerous publications are the self-published titles Copyright Companion for Writers, Literary Law Guide for Authors, and Contracts Companion for Writers.

Travis Hunter discusses how he went from a self-published author of The Hearts of Men in 2000 to being signed to Random House. Hunter's latest, Something to Die For, is available now in bookstores, along with his other titles.

Upper Marlboro, MD filmmaker Scott Rainey tells us the story of making Tracia Ward-Rainey's 1997 self-published book Painted Smiles into a movie.

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